JHacker Watch

October 26th, 2013

JHacker WatchA plug-in that continuously monitors your Joomla! install and analyses whether critical user account details have been changed or directories and files have either been modified, added or are not part of a standard Joomla! install. It therefore provides an additional line of defense against website hacking attempts. The plug-in slows down repeated back-end log-in attempts to make brute force attacks frustratingly ineffective.
Includes an optional Remote Monitoring service.

The plug-in does NOT prevent hacking attempts and cannot guarantee that your website will never be hacked, but it counteracts certain unusual activities and – most importantly – notifies the site administrator(s) of these activities, thus making sure that hack attempts will not go unnoticed and providing more specific information for the website administrator(s) to remediate these.
A non-expiring free trial edition is available, but if you want the ‘real thing’, you should get yourself the Standard or Business edition, which provide better protection and have more options. These editions include, for example, an extended option to autoremove files that are not part of a standard Joomla! install.

Visit the project website for the J1.5 version.