January 11th, 2012

JingleSubscriptions is a subscriptions management component for the Joomla CMS. It works by allowing users to buy the subscriptions plans that you designed to gain access to resources protected by Joomla’s permission system.

Using Joomla’s native permisssion system, JingleSubscriptions will allow you to design whatever content subscriptions model you wish, as long as the components implementing the native permission system exist. This means you can build your own paid downloads system or your own media access system – the only limit is your imagination.

JingleSubscription will come with a flexible event system that will allow developers to easily add new payment plugins. And if we add that you also have a tax system integrated, multi-lingual capabilities and out-of-the-box SEO it seems that we’ve got ourselves a winner!

Some of the features:
1. Designed using Joomla’s native MVC pattern, which allows you to modify the look-n-feel of your component from the template
2. Name spaced css for easy styling
3. Multilingual subscriptions
4. Multiple currencies
5. Easy taxes
6. Easy to implement payment methods (SMS and other popular methods coming soon)
7. Native back-end interface for easy maintenance

..and much more to come

And because we don’t design extensions that we are not willing to use ourselves, you can see the demo on our website when you subscribe!