April 8th, 2013

Provides an extended version of the native Joomla! tab/slider script by allowing:

* panel (tab or slider) persistence, i.e. coming back to the same page would render with the most recently active panel as open
* direct addressing of panels from external pages
* ajax loading of panels content and are either refreshed every time the panel is visited or is fetched once only
* load specific modules (addressed by their ids) into a panel position
* recursively inclusion of panels in panels
* while loading external content you will be able to choose how to place fetched content: by prepending, appending or replacing to existing content
* and of course, you can place as many tabs and/or sliders as you want on the same page and with varying UI:s (i.e. sliders or tabs) and also with varying options
* all features are controlled globally from the plugin parameter setting and individual tabs are modified through their own options
* reuses Joomla! backend styles which can be easily modified by accessing the included css file.

Please refer to the documentation page for updates as I continuously update the features. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have ideas on how to enhance or improve.

{jkefel kefelui=[tabs] title=[jproven demo page] url=[] refresh=[true] persist=[false]}
{jkefel title=[Title 2]}
Content of second tab
{jkefel title=[Module] mod=[65] pos=[replace]}
Content of third tab but this is going to be replaced by the module with id 65. If you wanted to append or prepend the content from module change pos to append or prepend resp.