June 15th, 2013

J!MailAlertsJ!MailAlerts is a automated periodic Email Alerts system. Have you seen mail alerts that networks like Facebook & Linked in send to their users periodically ?
Using J!MailAlerts you too can send your users periodic email alerts of whats happening on your site. Users can select if they want to receive daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly updates. J!MailAlerts is great for Intranets, Social Networks, News Portals & for any kind of site that regularly generates content.

J!MailAlerts is completely extensible using plugins which means you can virtually add an update about activities in any extension on your Joomla website.

Its a great way to keep your users in touch with whats going on on your website & keep them coming back. Get J!MailAlerts today & Engage your community!


* Completely automated. Just configure & setup the cron.
* Integrates Seamlessly with Plain Joomla, Community Builder, JomSocial
* Content of the alerts is completely plugin driven & hence extensible to virtually any Joomla extension !
* Users can select email alert frequency to be daily/weekly/fortnightly or monthly
* Users can chose which updates to receive.
* Users can configure each update & select various parameters for example what categories to receive content updates about
* You can style each plugin as well as the overall newsletter. Each plugin has a tmpl file & css that can be edited or overridden.
* Many free as well as paid plugins available
* Paid support option available.

More than 17 Alert Plugins available for various Joomla Extensions !
( Note that Plugins have their own listings on the JED. This list is to give you an idea of the integrations available)
Free Plugins available –

* Joomla Latest Content Plugin
* Phoca Gallery Latest Photos Plugin
* Eventlist Latest Events plugin
* Kunena Latest Forum Posts plugin
* Latest users plugin ( Support for CB, JomSocial & Joomla)
* K2 Content Plugin
* SOBI2 listings plugin

Paid Plugins Available
* Mosets Tree Listings Plugin
* EasyBlog Plugin
* Docman Plugin

JomSocial plugins for J!MailAlerts
* JomSocial People you may know plugin
* JomSocial Network Suggestions plugin
* Latest Photos in JomSocial
* Latest Videos in JomSocial
* Latest Groups in JomSocial
* JomSocial Latest Events
* JomSocial Pending Connections

The code & UI has been completely revamped since ver 2.X to make it easy to use & manage..
Note : Please make sure you read the Documentation & Forum posts before adding negative reviews.