November 18th, 2013

jmootipsTooltips not only help with user interactions but may provide (unvisible until requested) informations to elements of a displayed page.

jmootips is designed to separate article content from tooltip content – you just refer to a tooltip within an article but you do not need to code its content within the article.

jmootips will help to design joomla articles and their informations be more attractive and informative. With it you are able to deploy tooltips very easily and feed tooltip content from various sources. Additionally you may control positioning and layout almost without any programming skills.

As you interprete its name, “jmootips” first aim was to use Mootools Javascript framework to implement tooltips. With version 1.1.0 you may now use the popular Bootstrap Javascript Framework to create your tooltips.

jmootips is perfectly integrated within Joomla, as it may use any Joomla article for tooltip content, additionally it supports those sources for tooltip content:

Plain text or HTML via plugin tags
Content from local or remote Webserver
Content via Ajax Request

jmootips comes packaged with two plugins:

jmootips content plugin – With this plugin you will be able to create tooltips very easily

tipbutton editors-xtd plugin – Displays a editor toolbar button to ease the insertion of tooltips into an article. It displays a popup allowing you to choose a Joomla article for tooltip content