JMS Membership sites

April 29th, 2013

Everything you need to turn you joomla website into a full blown membership site. JMS membership sites is GPL V2 Which mean no license restrictions – you can use it on as many websites as you choose.

Here are just some of the things you can do with JMS membership sites:
* Create paid or free membership plans
* Create an unlimited number of membership plans
* Share content between any number of plans
* Grant Reward points to subscribers
* Ability to add products to subscription and a shopping Cart
* Sell Gift Vouchers
* Allows subscribers to download Files
* Each membership plan has it’s own unique set of restrictions
* Customise system messages
* Customise system emails
* Options to auto assign memberships to new or existing users
* Publish / unpublish any plan
* Publish / unpublish a users membership

-> Content access features

Here are some of the ways you can restrict access to you website content:

* Restrict access to any article / section / category
* Restrict access to components or specific parts of a component
* Create a limited time membership
* Create recurring memberships
* Create lifetime membership
* Show teaser content
* create personalised access to content.

-> Billing features

Choose from a range of flexible billing options;

* single billing or recurring billing
* Coupon system
* Order management
* Use a range of payment providers such as payal, moneybookers,, eway

-> Seo features

We’ve even built some clever SEO features to help your site get ranked

* Search engines can find and index teaser content

-> General features

But is doesn’t stop there. We’re also committed to helping you through personalised help and support:

* Step by Step tutorials on how to install, setup and manage your Joomla! membership site
* Ability to collect one off OR subscription payment using, paypal, and money bookers
* Unlimited support and updates for the life of your membership
* Support forum where you can get all your questions answered
* No long term commitments

-> Changelog
-New Feature:Grant Reward points to subscribers
-New Feature:Ability to add products to subscription and a shopping Cart
-New Feature:Products category module
-New Feature :Buy products using reward points
-New Feature :Products Sales report
-New Feature:Allows users to download Files ie.Files are uploaded via local path,External link or Amazon s3
-New Feature:Sell Gift Vouchers
-New Feature :Gift Voucher Sales Report
-New Feature :Added a number of tags that can be used to insert products or categories and Coupons into a page{jms-coupon-sname}
-New Feature :Subscription length is set for each plan

– New feature: create custom registration page using tags eg. { login }, { register }, { intro }
– New feature: hidden plans allows to hide a plan from the available subscription list
– New feature: one page site registration and subscription purchase