JMS Music component

May 27th, 2013

A.Backend function :
– Categories Manager : category for music type, example : country, jazz, rock, ….
– Playlists(album) Manager : this is function for music playlist or music album, you can add songs to playlist or album,you can mark playlist is featured and featured playlists always at top of list page.
– Files Manager : manage music file, jms music support 2 types for multifile upload: flash upload and php upload – Artists Manager : Manage artists
– Songs Manager : after upload files you can create song, a song has following info : name, file,user upload, category,playlist,artist,author,description,lyric,created date, modified date, view,bit rate,… You can easy to assign and unassign file with songs,file after assign to song will be store in folder with same name of playlist.
– Aprrove & Update for Songs is uploaded by users on frontend
– Song comments Manager : manage comment for songs
– Playlist comments Manager : manage comment for playlists
– Song rating Manager : manage rating for songs
– Playlist rating Manager : manage rating for playlists
– Configuration : set settings for component

B.Frontend function
On frontend jms music support following layout :
– All Playlist: list all playlist(album),the featured playlist always at top of this list and there is label for make it highlight.
– Single Playlist : info about a playlist and list all songs in that playlist, use can listen songs with small player beside song name and more info about songs.
– All Categories : List all Categories
– Single Category : List info of a category and all song of that category, use can listen songs with small player beside song name and more info about songs.
– Playall : Play all songs in a playlist(album) in a player with list of songs.
– Favourite Songs : You can add or remove songs in your favourite list, and play your favourite list with player
– Upload songs : You can upload songs and wait for your songs is approved and update by admin, when your song is approved there is an email sent to your email.
– Search : use search module and you search follow songs or search follow playlist, there are more option for search function
– Playlist Module : Use playlist module you can list top playlist following : featured,lastest, popular option.
C. Updated version:
– Fixed problem with playlistes and songs what have special charaters (utf8 charaters from Arab language or any other language,…).