JO Manset

December 28th, 2013

JO Manset J.O.Manşet News Headline Module for news etc. sites. Show and hide featured articles or featureless articles or show all articles. This module is multifunction and very useful and very classy.

J.O.Manşet is quite small in size according to the function.


#Content Options#
Select multiple categories
Show/hide featured articles in the categories or show only featured articles
Order by Joomla! default, title, alias, ID, created date, updated date, publishing, hits
Sort by ASC or DESC
Show/hide title, description and title+description on the module
Character or word limit for title and description
Customizable read more button
Customizable and linked ALL ARTICLE button
Select target window for module links

#Style Options#
Black, white , red, blue and yellow styles
Customize width
Customize height
Customize padding

#Animation Options#
Animation type
Animation duration
Animation speed
Animation tarnsition