Joes Word Cloud

September 16th, 2013

Joes Word CloudScript Function:
This extension is a joomla module displaying the words from your Joomla! core articles and displays them in a “cloud” of words displayed in a module. Font-size depends on the frequency of the word throughout your articles.

What makes this word cloud module different is that it takes its words directly from your Joomla! core articles instead of your meta tags which means less work to setup. It has been tested with various languages across the world and 3rd-party templates.

I wanted a module that doesn’t need meta tags to be setup for it. I want a module which quickly installs and can work as is. I’ve added some CSS styling options because I’m just that lazy.

It’s free as always, so enjoy!

Note: For Joomla! 1.5.x websites, please visit my downloads page for the previous version of this module.

Admin Options include:
+ module class suffix
+ module width
+ text alignment
+ underline override
+ background to each word
+ background text color
+ background color
+ background border color
+ background size
+ rounded backgrounds (css3 only)
+ get words from title or introtext or both
+ from category
+ include restricted articles
+ include/exclude categories
+ search URL can be changed
+ how many words to display
+ minimum word length
+ minimum font size (range)
+ maximum font size (range)
+ keyword inclusion list
+ keyword exclusion list
+ case-sensitive option
+ order words by
+ order words
+ include “K2” content
+ include “Hot Property” content
+ include “Phoca Download” content
+ display SQL query
+ display Powered By

Latest ChangeLogs:
v1.6.4 (13/06/2011)
– Added Joomla! Admin Option: Module Content Caching
– Added Joomla! Admin Option: Include content based on User Level
– Added Joomla! Admin Option: Include Category IDs
– Added Joomla! Admin Option: Exclude Category IDs
– Added Joomla! Admin Option: Sort Words By (shuffle, alphabet, frequency)
– Added Joomla! Admin Option: Sort Words Order (ascending, descending)
– Prefixed language file references with JWC to avoid conflicts with 3rd-party apps.
– Restructured extension into an MVC model (fixes H3 and Module Class Suffix issues?)
– Removed Joomla! Admin Option: Content Database Length

VERSIONS 1.5.X ARE RELEASED IN TANDEM AND DEVELOPED SEPARATELY (for continued support for Joomla 1.5 websites)

v1.5.3 (09/04/2011)
– Downgrade version of Module v1.6.4 for Joomla 1.5.x websites