Joining The Day We Fight Back

February 11th, 2014

Free Software is not just about saving money. It’s not just about sharing for sharing’s sake. Free Software, at its core, is about empowering people. It is about ensuring that everyone has ultimate control over their own electronic lives, because the software that runs their electronic lives is under their control and not someone else’s.

How do you know your computer is doing what you tell it to, and not someone else? How do you know your phone is only recording what you tell it to record? How do you know your files are only being read by you? How do you know your refrigerator isn’t reporting on your diet to someone else?

The only way to be sure is to have the source code so that you or someone you trust can verify that it is doing only what you tell it to and your electronic tools are not secretly acting for someone else. Free Software is all about ensuring an individual’s personal digital sovereignty, free from unwanted or secret invasion from anyone — other people, corporations, or governments.

The entire point of sharing source code is so that individual people and organizations can ultimately have control over their own equipment, information, and digital lives. In many ways it is about privacy: The security to know that your data is accessible to you, and your computer is used by you, and only you, unless you decide otherwise.

Recent revelations, however, have shown that people’s digital sovereignty is under even more attack than before. Both the American and British governments have been found violating the digital privacy of millions of people in their own countries and around the world. That is exactly the sort of attack on individual digital sovereignty that Free Software was created to combat.

As a leading Free Software project, the Drupal Community opposes such privacy invasions. We believe it is our ethical duty to stand with The Day We Fight Back and others who oppose such violations of individual digital sovereignty. We encourage all people, all over the world, to take a stand for digital freedom. If you are in the United States you can use the banner at the bottom of this page to locate and contact your Congressional representatives and tell them to oppose further infringement of individual privacy rights and to force the NSA and similar agencies to obey the law in both letter and spirit.