Jom Classifieds

October 2nd, 2013

Jom ClassifiedsJom Classifieds – helps to build your own exciting classifieds website in minutes. The extension is completely designed in the inspiration of top level classifieds sites like “olx”, “locanto”, “quickr”, etc. So, we do challenge, none other than this extension can complete your expectation.

Features Included!
*Handy dashboard.
*Create unlimited categories and sub-categories.
*Create & add custom input fields for your categories.
*Add locations on your own.
*Premium features. We have plan to add more premium features in upcoming versions. Our current version allow your users to buy “Top Ads” subscription and show their ads top in the category.
*No need of third party payment plugin. The subscription is managed by our own PayPal plugin and more payment gateways are yet to included.
*Create, edit, delete and Manage user adverts.
*Allow Commenting on ads. Our current version support “Facebook commenting plugin” and “JComments”.
*Advanced search module.
*Add your own social share script.
*Mark “new ads” and “popular ads”.
*Show ads in multiple views(Grid view or List view).
*Allow users to sort ads on their own.
*Allow users to create a favorites list.
*Allow users to contact advert owner.
*Allow users to send abuse reports on ads.
*Allow users to show “Google Map” for their location..
*Enable or Disable captcha on the “contact advertiser” form.
*Auto-publish user ads (or) publish it only after your approval.
*Limit images uploaded by the user.
*Manage ad expire and delete duration.
*Automatically send expiration alert to advert owners.
*Schedule automated tasks using CRON.
*Single advert layout – Create a menu item to automatically show a latest, popular or random advert.
*All adverts layout – Create a menu item to show adverts in all categories.
*Single category layout – Create a menu item to show adverts in any particular category.
*All categories layout – Create a menu item to show all categories in tree view.
*Add new advert layout – Create a menu item which allows the user to post a new ad.
*My adverts layout – Create a menu item which allow the users to manage their ads.
*My favorites layout – Create a menu item which display the users favored adverts list.
*Separate menu module that display your categories as menu items.
*Separate adverts module to display adverts. Could be configured to show “latest”, “popular”, “random” or “paid adverts”. It could also be configured to automatically display adverts related to the active menu selection.
* Advert Count in categories layout.
* Light Box to view Advert images.
* Pre-text and Post-text for all the views.
* Place Ads-script in top and bottom of all views.
* Adding weblinks in Extra-fields.
* Stable Sort List.
* Tag your advert.
* Joomla 3.x Compatibility.
* Responsive Layout(only for joomla 3.x).