JomLand Ticket Center

July 21st, 2011

JomLand Ticket CenterJLTicketCenter is a Joomla extension that manages events and sells events tickets online.

JLTicketCenter is scale able from international tickets agency that sold various kinds of tickets for every event type to single event promotion.

You can create performers and assign them to categories. Events management and display can be by category, performer, venue, city, state and county.

JLTicketCenter has a Smart Tickets Availability Management (STAM) that checking the current tickets availability and doesn’t let user to buy more tickets then available.

• Events – manage and view events in various formats include display events by: category, performer, venue, city, state, country.
• Venues – manage and view venues in various formats include display venues by city, state, country.

• Performers – create and manage performers, assign performers to categories and create event to performers.

• Cart – timer cart, delivery methods and payment integration

• Tickets – tickets vouchers, smart tickets availability management.
• Order – order control and information.