May 16th, 2013

Likes, Dislikes, User Notes & like/ favourite lists for Joomla !

jLike lets you add like & dislike functionality to a variety of content in your Joomla site. Plus users can also add personal notes against the content & add it to their own Like lists for better organisation.

From a simple, likes system to a having your own internal social bookmarking system like Digg, Stumble Upon or Delicious, jLike can do it all for you ! jLike supports 20+ popular Joomla extensions & is super easy to customise any per your needs with easy to choose themes or use the icon set for even more flexibility !

With an Awesome dashboard for site like activity, modules to show recent & most likes & an awesome developer API, jLike is the greatest likes/ favorites/ bookmarking extension for Joomla !

Features of Jlike

Likes & Dislikes or call it Favourites or Bookmarks !

Add a consistent like/dislike all over your site for a variety of content like Joomla articles, news posts, photos, videos & much more ! Users can like content with just a single click !

Easy to Customize

Choose the theme that best suits your site or customize to any level you want using classes to change icons using the included Font Awesome iconset. Plus you can rename the text & use jLike in any way you want.. As a likes dislikes system, Favourites or Bookmarks system !Its so flexible that we have one client using it with a Zoo & Quick2Cart as a wishlist !

People who Liked display with Avatars from Gravtar, JomSocial or CB- Get your users great visibiltiy by showing ‘People who liked’ against the content just like Facebook. We can fetch your user’s avatars from Gravtar, JomSocial or CB as per your choice too.

Like lists or Labels- Turn on this feature & users will be able to add Labels to content or in other words add your content to ‘Like Lists’ . This is an awesome way to let users organise their likes.

Notes or Annotations- This feature will allow users to add a quick note against any link they like. This note or annotation can be private or you can set it to public & it will be more like a comment. This gets our implementation of Like much closer to Facebook & adds some more Zing on top ! Note that public display of notes as comments against content is not enabled yet.

Fully Configurable- All extra features can be switched on or off as per your requirement. Whether you want a Vanilla likes system or a full featured one is completely under your control !

Activity Stream Integrations for CB & JomSocial-
Push like dislike actions to the Community Builder or JomSocial Activity Stream & make your content go Viral !

Plus if you have our Broadcast integration, you can also sync these updates with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn with Broadcast’s Activity sync feature.

Site Like Activity Dashboard & site Likes view- This awesome view lets you show an awesome line chart showing your sites like dislike activity. Plus it also lists your site’s like content