JomSocial Profile Visitor

December 28th, 2013

JomSocial Profile VisitorJomSocial Profile Visitor is completely free to use Open Source Plugin. It works for JomSocial.

This free plugin will let you know the names of the individuals visiting your Jomsocial Profile and also provide a short link back to their profile. This plugin will allow you to know the groups in which your community is famous. Allowing you to optimize your community profile accordingly and gain benefits.

Exclusive features :

1. It tracks the users who had been visiting your profile and displays all the visitors in latest first format.

2. Profile Visitor provides short-links, back to the viewer’s profile.

3. The profile visitor plugin has customization power for setting the maximum number of profile visitors shown on screen.

4.Admin can make this Core Application (available for all members) or set it optional.