September 24th, 2011

JooComments is a Free extension ( component and plugin ) to help your website visitors to leave comments on the articles.

BASED ON WMD EDITOR: very popular JavaScript editor, your site visitors is going to love it
Mootools based:Joomla comes with this library by default,NO other JS library is needed.So it is lightweight,and collision free.
AJAX BASED: Experience the fastest page loading time. Since the comment form and the comments are loaded asynchronously the end user will experience the fastest page loading.
Captcha powered: No spamming
Administrator can publish,unpublish and delete comments.
All articles by default shows the comments: Less configuration to be worried about.

NOTE: Well tested already, but no software is bug free.If you have any bugs raise it ASAP, the next release is ready which will include your bug fixes along with newer enhancements.

Under development now.
It will include the following features.
BUG FIXES from v1.0.0,performance improvement

Administrator features:
1. Reach out to the email of the commentator in just one click from the administrator interface.
2. Reply to users comment from within administrator interface.
2. Different views for published and unpublished comments, so no long list as used to be in version1.0.0.