June 29th, 2013

JooDatabase is simple and fast way to include and display external tables (collections, databases) into Joomla. It automatically generates pages containing the table data using editable templates for catalog and single entry views. A form-template allows that users can submit new data from the frontend also.

Special elements like print-icons and pagination-links are displayed at the desired position in the templates. JooDatabase handles the linking, routing between the pages automatically. The search plug-in provides search in your databases using the Joomla sitesearch component.

Because many users demanded a version with support and the ability to handle real relational databases we decided to publish a pro version.

Here are some of the features of the PRO version
* Multiple tables and sub-forms with relational connections
* Import for Excel spreadsheets
* Category select search options for parametric search
* Ticket system and developer support
* Online update service using the Joomla update mechanism