JoomDalf the Magician

March 21st, 2012

JoomDalf is the Magic tool to enhance your WYSIWYG Editor with many tasks you would want in your site. Now regardless which template you use you can have a nice layout with the enhancements JoomDalf offering to you. It is so easy that you just click fill in forms and click insert rest is done magically.

YES! JoomDalf works with all WYSIWYG Editors in Joomla!

With JoomDalf you can Insert:
★ Column Layouts
★ Tabs
★ Accordions
★ Togglers
★ Google Maps (API v3)
★ Google Charts
★ Videos (more than 75 sources to embed)
★ Buttons (with icons or not and 3 sizes)
★ Info Boxes (with all coloring in your command)
★ Dropcaps (square and Round again coloring is all yours)
★ Iconized Lists
★ Block Quotes
★ Iconized Text
and many many more

All done with magical one button and simple forms to fill in. No coding required. Save styles for later use and use them again and again.

JoomDalf brings the Shortcode generators you were jealous of WordPress to Joomla with Magic.

We have included around 800 handpicked icons in JoomDalf so you can have your content your way with just clicks.

Please watch our video on to have a better understanding of JoomDalf’s abilities.