Joomina Pingoman

August 17th, 2013

Joomina Pingoman is simple system which enable admin to sharing pages with
Some extensions unlike pingoman use of plugins to automate this process but if you like to share one page from your Gallery – Virtuemart – Sobi or.., what should you do? Or what about old articles in your site before installing automotive plugins?
Because of that we need module to take control
!we provide module for sharing pages , Admin can publish this module in all pages with access ‘special’ by this way Website admin can share every page which he like in pingomatic.
In pingomatic algorithm you must becareful for avoiding of sharing 1 page continually it cause you will recognized as spam! Don’t worry pingoman module provided facility for showing sharing details in the past
Benefits Of Pingoman:

increase website traffic
full control of pingomatic sharing
submit the history of pages sharing
SEO advise for every page based on pingomatic algorithm
availability for sharing K2 – SOBI2- Virtuemart – and all extension because the module
And more..