December 25th, 2013


Joomlas2Go! 5.6 is a compilation of the latest Joomla! official versions (3.2.1 & 2.5.17), the built-in standalone server (based on UwAMP GUI) and upgraded to the latest Apache, MySQL, PhP & PhPMyAdmin versions integrated with DUAL Portable browser (Firefox & Iron) working as your Desktop Development Environment.

Test your extensions with Joomlas2Go!, running over PHP 5.3.x and PHP 5.4.x and hot-switch the PHP version with just one click of your mouse. Never more! installing several offline servers to develope or to test your extensions over different environments!

It is recommended for Joomla! Beginners, Advanced Users but a must for Joomla! Web Developers & Administrators. Just download the .7z file, extract it to the root of your data disk (aka E\JS2GO.XXXXXX\), run the jomlas2go.exe file, allow full access to httpd.exe & mysqld.exe services at your windows firewall when prompted and wait few seconds to allow the server & browser to be loaded 😉

Joomlas2Go! is configured by default as an offline Standalone Joomla! Development Environment that works over Windows Systems (8, 7, XP) from your hard disk or even from a HighSpeed (>2Gb) USB Portable Disk.

You will have no problems with drive letters (normally X:/) in your Windows Explorer and no conflicts with the Port 80 that is randomly blocked by other applications (aka Skype).

Visit site and the provided Help Desk with the collected FAQ’s, where I explain how to import/ export your site from and to Joomlas2Go! and the needed configuration to run multiple copies of Joomlas2Go! in your PC for add-ons testings, Joomla! site development, backups verifications or offline upgrades over a copy of your live site.

>> Three latest versions released, running over MySQL 5.6.15 (with InnoDB Engine by default), MySQL 5.5.35 (with MyISAM Engine by default) or MySQL 5.1.73 (with MyISAM Engine by default), all of them powered with:

– Apache 2.2.26, DUAL PHP (5.3.28 & 5.4.23), PhPMyAdmin 4.1.2, ‘DUAL’ BROWSER (Firefox 26.0 & Iron 31.0.1700.0) Joomla! 3.2.1 and/or Joomla! 2.5.17 already installed.

To visit the provided CHANGELOG /TO-DO list before donating/ download, will help you to always get the latest version available and to decide when: