JXi Forms

December 23rd, 2013

JXi FormsManaging and processing form has never been so easier before.

JoomlaXi Forms allows you to create completely customizable form or you can even integrate it with any existing form.
If you have already set-up forms at your website then there will be no extra burden of creating all the form in JoomlaXi Forms, all you need to do is to integrate them with JoomlaXi Forms.

JoomlaXi Forms helps you save time, generate momentum and boost your performance by managing the multitude of data posted in the forms hosted on your site.

JoomlaXi Forms allows you to access sprinkled information in the forms and perform variety of operations on it. With JoomlaXi Forms you can track form data, operation performed on the data and operation status. You can even schedule the operations to execute later.

All you will need, is to know what to do with the information entered by the site users and JoomlaXi Forms will do it for you.

Features of JoomlaXi Forms includes:
1. Compatibility with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0
2. Email form data
3. Insert data in database
4. Post data to some other url
5. Interface to visualize the data and operation relationship
6. Register Joomla users at your site with customized form.
7. Move the uploaded files from forms to your dropbox account.
8. Integration with Mailchimp.
9. You can even control action to perform desired task only after approval
10. Simple and easy to use interface
11. Freedom to place form anywhere on Web :There is No restriction to place the forms on a single website and perform the task. You can place the forms anywhere on the world wide web and manage all of them from a single website.

Benefits of using JoomlaXi Forms
1. Effortless installation and setup : No installation manual to follow, installation is just one click away. Set-up has never been so easy.

2. Easy to extend and quickly integrate : Custom task or actions can be implemented with such an ease without making any changes in the core code. Actions can integrate JoomlaXi Forms with other web-services and Joomla extensions.

3. Extensive scope : Scope of JoomlaXi Forms is widespread. Its application space includes Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, File management, CRM, E-Commerce, Event Management, Customer support and help desk and many more

Preinstalled actions available with Joomlaxi Forms
1. Email : Email action can be used when you want to notify admins or any other user about form submission along with the submit data and files. You can set the email content as per your choice.

2. Ack-by-email : this action allows you to send acknowledgement to user via email ie to send an auto-reply whenever user submits a form.

3. Dropbox : with dropbox action you can collect the files (all/single/selected) uploaded by users and move those files to your dropbox account.