JoomlaXTC Maplink Indiana County Map

October 19th, 2011

JoomlaXTC Maplink Indiana County MapOur Indiana County Maplink makes your business connect faster than the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix by allowing the admin to set links per county. Module parameters include State Hover Color, County Link, County Text, Show Legend, Open in New Window or Parent, Height and Width, and Module class suffix.

This is the perfect solution for listings in the real estate industry, touring information for the entertainment industry, expansion of company branches, and more. The links can work with any component such as EZ Realty and Hot Property to direct users to real estate listings for a County, JCAL and Eventlist for events by County, and more.

Upgrade to the Maplink Module Combo Pack for future map upgrades including new maps are included with your Maplink Module Combo Pack purchase!