J!Places LIGHT

October 9th, 2011

J!Places LIGHTJ!Places eclipses all Joomla Google Maps Location Management systems!

J!Places LIGHT is a highly configurable Google Maps Location Manager, and is used to give the ability to your users to create Google Map Locations (places).

It includes ALL J!Places PRO functionality & supports ALL J!Places PRO plugins, with the following exceptions:

* No checking-in to places.
o Because of this, all displayed check-in information & associated functions:
+ Today’s Check-Ins,
+ My Friends’ Check-Ins,
+ inviting people to places,
+ messaging checked-in users,
+ editing checked-in users,
+ and displaying checked-in users are disabled.
* No Place photo-gallery
* No Place video-gallery
* No Place discussion-board

J!Places LIGHT features:

* HTML descriptions,
* a News section for each location/place,
* unlimited categories and sub-categories,
* different types of places,
* J!Places Unlimited Fields,
* integration with SuperMessenger,
* integration with UddeIM,
* integration with Community Builder,
* integration with JomSocial,
* integration with SuperGroups,
* integration with SuperEvents,
* integration with SuperActivity,
* integration with AXXIS Simple Rating,
* integration with AXXIS Sharing.

J!Places is the complete Joomla Google Maps Location system! It is great for any social networking type of site.