October 24th, 2013

JProiCaptchaJProiCaptcha is a user friendly secure Captcha plugin for Joomla! 3. It’s Joomla! R3ADY!

JProiCaptcha, allows you to protect your Joomla! 3+ forms from spammers and bots. When enabled, it renders automatically on all Joomla! system forms – user registration, password reminder, password reset, and contact forms.

With just a few lines of code, it can be set to work on any form and avoid spamming and bots to submit your website forms undesirably.

JProiCaptcha is a unique and proprietary JPro Extensions system plugin, initially developed to work with the JProEasyContact module, and now available to be used site wide and the new 3.0.5 version allows non bootstrapped templates to also use JProiCaptcha on Joomla! 3.

JProiCaptcha is packed with several options that can be set on your Joomla! 3 back-end and with extra security layers for validation, to allow safe contacts to be sent.

Now also compatible with Joomla! 3 templates that don’t load the bootstrap framework and customizable buttons and with almost all configurations possible.