December 8th, 2013

JProIntroTickerJProIntroTicker module, allows you to display your article intros on a responsive and touch sensitive ticker slideshow to your users/customers, linking directly to the article or custom link. It’s Joomla!™ R3ADY!

JProIntroTicker module is compatible with handheld devices with touch screens. It uses a a touch sensitivity system and responsive behavior. Also compatible wit HTML5 and CSS3.

Options include

JProIntroTicker is ready to use after install and basic configuration, but it gives you the power to perform an advanced live configuration, using JPro Extensions Live Config System, in your Joomla!™ administrator area. It is highly customizable, and has the ability to be cloned and displayed several times in the same page, allowing this module to serve different purposes and with different pre-defined styles.:

– Touch sensitivity swipe for handheld devices;
– Keyboard navigation (previous/next and Enter click behavior) in the front-end;
– Use a main image, article images or no image along with the intro text;
– Limit the intro content length in number of words to display;
– Link directly to the article or other options;
– Multiple advanced CS3 pre defined background styles (colors, gradients, grid and transparent);
– Slides and fades graciously the content using advanced CSS3 and jQuery;
– Compiled CSS and Javascript files for extreme faster rendering with memory optimization;
– In the administrator area, the JPro Extensions new Live Config – – System allows you to configure your module visually;
– The administration system is also faster, lightweight and user friendly.
and more!…