September 6th, 2013

JProNoHitCountJProNoHitCount is the long awaited plugin that allows you to disable hit count on articles for users belonging to specific groups.

JProNoHitCount is compatible with Joomla! versions 2.5+ and 3+. It’s Joomla! R3ADY! and… is now a FREE extension!

JProNoHitCount content plugin selectively disables articles’ hit counts when the user or users, assigned to specific groups, visit the articles on the fron end of your website. On the new version 1.0.1, a list of over 300 robots has been included and now the option to disable hit counts from robots. This is a very useful system, especially when editing articles on the front end of your Joomla! website.

It’s a one step install plugin, than can be configured in less than 10 seconds!! Just select the group or groups, enable the plugin and you’re ready to go!