November 28th, 2013

JProPhotoEditor, will change the way you manage your photos online. JProPhotoEditor, is a powerful, full featured photo metadata editor and quick photo editor and gallery that allows you to work as a professional picture editor but with the ease of JProPhotoEditor system controls. It’s Joomla!™ R3ADY!

The ultimate Joomla!™ online photo editor tool, developed by JPro Extensions, that will add true value to your website photos and content.

The powerful features of JProPhotoEditor

JProPhotoEditor was developed with a main goal in mind – allow you to work as a professional picture editor, on your Joomla!™ 3+ website photos, and boost your content with its results.

The highly complex software system that powers JProPhotoEditor, was especially developed to allow you a time saving workflow. Using the latest photo industry standards, along with the automation of most tasks, you’ll be able to achieve professional like results. Just like a professional picture editor from a magazine of news agency.

JProPhotoEditor, ships with the companion site extensions – JProPhotoEditor Keywords module and JProPhotoEditor Search plugin.

For this to be possible, you’ll find below the main features of this powerful tool that is now available for Joomla!™ 3+ websites.

– Photo full metadata editing, including IPTC and PLUS data;
– Automatic fields fill from photo embedded metadata;
– Automatization of caption writing with pre-defined photo industry styles;
– Exif reading;
– GPS coordinates linked to Google™ maps;
– Create thumbnails from photo;
– Create photo cropped versions;
– Photo resizing;
– Create xmp (extensible metadata platform) files to use with third party software;
– Quick edit mode for optimized workflow;
– Organize your photos by flags (color) or rating;
– Create your own metadata templates;
– Innovative help system for each field;
– Asynchronous data creation;
– Global management:
— Photos manager
— Keywords manager
— Categories manager
— Locations manager
— Countries manager
— Metadata templates manager
— Front-end Quick Gallery with:
– General list view;
– IPTC categories filter
– Full metadata search
– Keyword linked searches
– GPS links to Google™ maps;
– Photo full detail view;
– Modal window for full size photo;
– Professional layout style;
and much more… !