jQuery 1.7.1 Released

November 22nd, 2011

Here in the United States, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week. For those of you living elsewhere in the world, it’s a time when we install and test new versions of Javascript libraries while feasting on Mom’s homemade goodies. Kind of like a code sprint, but with better food. We invite everyone worldwide to join us in these traditions.

To kick off the festivities, the jQuery Team is quite thankful to be releasing version 1.7.1! In this go-round we made Pilgrim’s progress on a cornucopia of bugs, listed below. We are serving up our delicious copies on the jQuery CDN, fresh and warm from the oven:

These latest files should also be up on the major CDNs shortly, but please be patient since this is a holiday week for them as well.

Please install and test this latest slice of jQuery with your code. We hope you’ll find it tasty. If we forgot to fry some turkey of a bug, we want to hear about it. Just put together a specific test case for the problems you’ve found (we love for that) and create a bug report at

Also, please welcome new jQuery Core team member Mike Sherov! We’re thankful to have his help for all the great things we have planned for upcoming versions. Mike has a full-time job at SNAP Interactive in New York City, but contributes to the project in his spare time. Please Be Like Mike and pitch in to help the project any way you can. It doesn’t have to be coding. We can always use help in answering questions on the forum or just reproducing and identifying the source of obscure bugs reported on the bug tracker. See our Getting Involved page for information.

We’ll be opening the call for 1.8 suggestions in just a day or two. Take a look at the 1.7.1 release and think about what kind of awesome sauce we can put on top of it for the next big one!

jQuery 1.7.1 Change Log

The change log of the 1.7.1 release.


  • #10723: jqXHR.always() returns a Promise instead of a jqXHR object


  • #10724: $(document).text() always returns an empty string
  • #10773: removeAttr is fragile for edge cases


  • #10630: Fix focus-related test failures to resolve Swarm failures


  • #10616: Type coersion not done for -1 in .eq
  • #10646: Have jQuery.error throw instanceof Error object
  • #10682: Creating DOM elements with $(‘ ‘) leaks memory and skips the fragment cache
  • #10687: jQuery calls the AMD define() global function too early
  • #10690: isNumeric


  • #10733: remove uses of jQuery.each in css module in favor of a for loop


  • #10675: Use internalKey shortcut instead of jQuery.expando


  • #10669: .animate() no longer animates percentage(%) width
  • #10750: A “null” in the data object can cause an error in stop


  • #10676: wheelDelta not added to mousewheel event anymore
  • #10701: Problems with submit forms using submit function
  • #10704: special.handle method should fire under origType name
  • #10705: off bug event name parser
  • #10712: Triggering blur with live bind broken
  • #10717: A triggered load bubbles up to window
  • #10791: Delegated Events fail on SVG elements
  • #10794: .triggerHandler should not .preventDefault()
  • #10798: live(“submit”) and .submit() would cause unobtrusive ajax live to fire twice
  • #10844: .delegate() on submit doesn’t work when form contains input with name “id”


  • #10177: index of callback function in .wrap is always 0
  • #10667: HTML5 Support in .wrapAll() does add a “:” to element
  • #10670: rnoshimcache probably not constructed correctly
  • #10812: passing empty object to .before() or .after() throws exception in IE7


  • #10691: remove all occurrences of the “equals” and “same” function in the unit tests`


  • #10629: IE is much too sensitive concerning the fake body. Explore cleaning up support.js to avoid any future crashes.
  • #10807: Non-ascii apostrophe in comment