May 21st, 2013

JRPassphraseNow you can control who registers on your site. This plugin and module allows you to control or restrict user registration to only those people who have received a “passphrase”. This is useful for clubs, organizations, churches, schools, etc that want to limit registration to current and new members who have received the passphrase via email, newsletter, etc. The correct passphrase must be entered before a user can submit their registration.

The passphrase should consist of letters and numbers only – eg: “dog123ez” . Do not use punctuation or other symbols. Multiple-word passphrases are OK – eg: “We live to help”. You can also use it to keep out the RegBots – by using the passphrase module to ask a simple question such as “How many weeks are in one year”, etc.

To avoid problems, all letters are converted to lowercase, so it won’t matter if the user submits uppercase or lowercase letters in their passphrase. Spaces are ignored.

Thank you to Franz K√∂ssinger who created the “CB Passphrase” plugin for Community Builder. Also thanks to Ajay Lulia who created “JSecure Authentication”, and Alaattin Kahramanlar (ADJR plugin) – some of the same ideas are used in this plugin.