JS Like To Download

November 16th, 2013

JS Like To DownloadJS Like to Download allows you to turn the Like Button into a social media traffic blasting download button. This unique plugin and idea is an all new way to give your users their content, and increase your social traffic ten fold.


Insert multiple lockers per post / page, can be used anywhere shortcodes work in your site!
Cookies keep track of users that already clicked like for each download link.
Comes with admin panel to customize the Facebook API Locale and button appearance.
Supports ALL Facebook API locales – Just enter whichever one you want to use!
Comes with seven themes – red, green, blue, grey, yellow, orange, pink
Includes download script sample like the one used in the demo!
Includes full documentation and instructions on how to use!
Great For…

JS Like to Download is great for all kinds of uses! They are endless.

Plus to download free design resources like icons, PSD templates, etc.
eBook downloads.
Video and audio downloads.
App downloads.
Tutorial downloads.
Shareware sites.
Wallpaper sites.
Literally any kind of content!

Installation: Just insert {likebutton1}{/likebutton1} wherever you want to display the Like to Download button.