JS Nice Activity for Comments

April 29th, 2012

Nice Activity For Comments is an elegant module to integrate JomSocial activity as comments in Joomla page.

It loads JomSocial Activity stream into any page, managing the user actions as Discussions on a selected Group.

*** Features ***

— Page Activity Stream, each page has a unique associated discussion.
— Group Discussions, you can organize all comments under JomSocial groups
— One Unique Commenting System, all comments are published into JomSocial
— Simple Management, all comments are managed in JomSocial, no other component is required to be integrated
— Community Management User, all discussions are created by the Community Manager

To give you a brief description about how it works:

1. When non-logged user visits a page, and page has no comments, user is invited to register and comment

2. If the user is registered, and page has no comments, user can click to start a new discussion

3. If the user clicks to comment, a new discussion authored by the community manager is created under a selected group

4. To start, user joins the selected group, and writes a new comment

5. The comment appears in the page discussion stream, in the group wall, and in the community general wall

6. All these actions are solved natively with JomSocial classic activity stream

*** Configuration ***

These are the module parameters:

– Group Id: Comments are managed as a Discussion in this Group.
– Registration URL: Registration URL, used if not logged in.
– Author Id: Initial user id, who creates the first discussion when then the commenter never commented. If the commenter is joined to the group, commenter can create the discussion.