JSE Mega Menu for HikaShop

December 17th, 2013

JSE Mega Menu for HikaShopJSE Mega Menu for HikaShop is a powerful & responsive Joomla menu module which helps you to flexibly & easily bring HikaShop categories & subcategories to display in menu.
With JSE Mega Menu for HikaShop, you can make HikaShop categories and subcategories display as menu items. The load of menu is fast, and you can arrange all items without any difficulty. You can also bring images, videos or modules to menu and JSE Mega Menu will load it flawlessly. Plus, our Mega Menu is totally responsive. Be it a PC or mobile’s screen, menu always loads and looks nicely on your site.
For admin, the useful toolbox makes it way easier for you to configure menu – your task can be done faster and easier with supported & direct visual demo right below each backend’s configuration. So, you can set up menu in backend and directly view how it will display in frontend at the same time & on the same page.

Best Mega Menu for HikaShop
Automatically create menu with HikaShop categories and items
Fully responsive
Come with horizontal or vertical menu style
Mobile & Tablets compatible!
Available for Joomla™ 2.5 & Joomla™ 3.x
Easy to use
Work out of the box with most Joomla Templates
Easy configuration with great visualization:
Seeing menu structure exactly like in frontend
Flexibly arrange items in line and column
Easily put custom module to menu
Only CSS3: no javascript needed thus no conflict error
Highly customizable
Customizable Animation:
Many effects: Sliding, Fading, Zooming, Elastic
Customizable speed, delay time
Customizable style:
All aspects: color, space, font size etc.
All levels: main menu, sub menu & each menu’s item
All states: active item and normal item
Other customizable: direction, alignment