JSE Real Estate

December 17th, 2013

JSE Real EstateJSE Real Estate is a JOOMLA component designed to fit a multitude of real estate related needs. It includes contracts for sale, mortgage agreements and assignments and liens.

When having real estate properties to sell or having demand of buying/renting them, you definitely will need a place where you can find and share all realty information. A realty website is what you are looking for. And our JSE Real Estate component can help you systematically and effectively organize your realty listing as well as other information on your site.

JSE Real Estate is designed not only for companies or individuals doing business in real estate to post their realty’s information on the web, it is also for people who want to find information about realty, to find property to buy/or rent.

JSE Real Estate is a feature rich component.
• User can register to become an agent & upload realty.
• Admin can create as many companies as they want. Each company will have one company’s admin. Company’s admin can change the information of company.
• Manage realty from backend by administrator, from frontend by owner (agents).
• Manage agents from backend by administrator.
• Add realty from backend by administrator, from frontend by agents in the frontend with property types, categories, cities, states, countries, etc…
• No limit in adding realty types, categories/sub-categories, realty, amenities, custom field groups and custom fields.
• Google map V3 and driving directions for each realty.
• Email form management.
• Diverse frontend display: our component provides two layouts to display list of realties (Default vs. Table layout).
• Full Management In backend: administrator has full control of companies, agents, realties, plan, country, state… from backend.
• Custom fields: for a specific realty. The custom field feature allows administrator to define custom fields and creators can use those fields as they desire. JSE Real Estate can help you create many types of fields: Textbox, Text area, Dropdown (single and multiple select lists), checkbox list, radio list, Date Time.
• Dynamic email template: you could setup email template with placeholders which will be filled with information when email is actually sent. The feature is available for all emails sent to donors, creators and administrator. And creator could create unique email template for each realty.
• Strongly integrated with JOOMLA! 3.0 permission system: you can control permission to add new, edit, edit state of all user groups or set access level for each realty and view page
• Multi-payment gateways support: Currently, JSE Real Estate supports PayPal, 2CheckOut, Money Bookers, Paylater payment gateways (for paid agent). We will continue on working and adding more payment gateways for this product in the near future.
• Social Share buttons: Users can share realty with their friends via many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc…
• Flexible configuration options: There are many conf