JSE Timeline Testimonial

November 9th, 2013

JSE Timeline TestimonialJSE Timeline Testimonial helps you collect your customers’ review or comment on your products/services and display these feedbacks beautifully on your site with nice design as well as interesting effect.
The timeline structure design brings the throughout experience and impression to your site’s visitors: they can read all comments of other customers from the latest to oldest without having to refresh the page (just keep scrolling down). A teaser of feedback will be displayed so when clicking on, content will expand. This effect gives some depth to the whole testimonial page.
Plus, the component is responsive and well-supported with many HTML5 & CSS3 effects to keep your site beautiful appearance and motivate people to add their ideas to your products/services.
Build a constructive site and make your site become even friendlier with users with JSE Timeline Testimonial.


– Timeline layout: display all testimonials in a timeline (sorted by date/time) and older testimonials can be viewed by scrolling down.
– Fully Responsive: the extension is designed for any mobile devices
– Easy to use: simple installation and configuration in admin section
– Support email notification for admin and user
– Integrate Captcha to avoid spam
– Support Joomla 3.x
– HTML5 & CSS3 in design
– Support IE9+, Chrome, Firefox.
– Allow submitting testimonial in frontend