January 24th, 2013

JSmug is a component extension. It allows you to view the contents of publicly viewable Smugmug galleries within your current Joomla template, and provides links back to Smugmug for image purchase. Images can optionally be viewed in Slimbox2, and you can configure how many images are displayed per page. Thumbnail grids can be styles with CSS Tested in Joomla 1.0. and now 1.5.9

NOW RUNS IN Joomla 1, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0 Native Mode, thanks for your patience.

Just for the record, I don’t work for Smugmug, I am just a very happy customer of theirs, who wants to share the good news with the Joomla Community.

Smugmug offer unlimited photo storage, and massive (effectively unlimited bandwidth for most users) even on their most basic accounts. Serving your photos from Smugmug could even save you money.

You can even try this out if you don’t have a Smugmug account, as Smugmug offer free trail accounts without a credit card (full details on the project homepage

Update 21/02/07 Vn 1.1.1 patched for php4 compatibility.
Update 21/02/07 Vn 1.1.2 Added support for optional non SSL connections as Godaddy requires a proxy for SSL.
Update 21/02/07 Vn 1.1.3 Bugfix
Update 24/02/07 Vn 1.1.4 Optional Buy functionality, better error checking and more useful messages.
Update 26/02/07 Vn 1.1.5 Basic Instructions and support contacts added to backend interface.
Update 03/05/07 Vn 1.1.6 !!! Significant release !!! CSS gallery styling, thumbnail grids with selectable sizes
Update 30/10/07 Vn 1.1.8 Added support for libcurl and made it preferred
Update 30/10/07 Vn 1.1.9 Added basic image protection, configurable navigation, bugfixes
Update 11/03/09 Vn 1.5.9b1 Joomla 1.5 Legacy Mode support Beta.
Update 12/03/09 Vn 1.5.9b2 Installer Error
Update 17/03/09 Vn 1.5.9b3 Migrated to slimbox2 to try to address template conflicts.
Update 18/03/2009 Vn 1.5.9.b4 Updated to use current smugmug API end point. Code clean-up.
Update 26/03/2009 Vn 1.5.9b5 Removed references to YOURBASEPATH to resolve conflicts with RocketTheme Templates.
Update 2010-05-08 – Vn 1.5.9b7. GPL Licence compliance only.
Update 2011-17-03 – Vn 1.5.9b8. Native 1.5 support.