November 28th, 2013

JSN UniForm PROJSN UniForm will help you to generate and manage tons of forms: “Contact us”, “Survey”, “Job application”, “Hotel booking”, “Customer Feedback” and many more. It’s easy-to-use but still sophisticated and functional. Let’s see what benefits you can get from it.

*Rich Form Builder
— Create many different forms with a wide variety of fields.

*Drag-n-Drop Mechanism
— Save a lot of time on form management with the Drag and Drop feature.

*Multiple Pages Form
— Create as many pages as you like in your form, no matter how long it is.

*Present Anywhere
— Present your form via menu items, in module positions, or even inside an article with a single click.

*Mobile Ready
— Display very well on every mobile device.

*Strong Anti-spam Mechanism
— Prevent spam with built-in reCAPTCHA capabilities.
Do you want to see right now how it can create ton of forms visually in the back-end?

***** Watch “Quick Tour Video” *****