JSPC for JomSocial

September 25th, 2013

JSPC for JomSocialThe JoomlaXi’s Profile Completeness addon for JomSocial (JSPC) is going to be a killer feature for your JomSocial based website. This addon help you to show the user’s profile completeness on their profile page. This way you can motivate your user’s to complete their profile. This also guide them to the process of completeness.

JSPC come in a bundle of Component + JomSocial Plugin. The component allows you to define every aspect of completeness. While using plugin you can show it to user’s profile.

What feature are supported for completeness :
* Custom Profile Fields
* Custom avatar
* Groups Joined and Owned
* Photo and Album Owned
* Video added
* many more features
The JomSocial Plugin helps you to show user’s Profile Completeness on their profile page. The look can be customized from backend of plugin.