JT Showcase Pro

July 17th, 2011

If you look for a product showcase or an image gallery showcase for Joomla!, then JT Showcase component for Joomla! fits your requirements. We have been using JA Showcase component for our own site for over 4 years now. Check out live demo for more details.

JT Showcase backend config panel allows easy images uploading and organizing in a well-defined structure. The item manager via admin area enables to edit and update items as well as help to easily handle a large volume of items and categories. Moreover, the custom fields function allows to add any field to the item attribute, thus you have full control over those fields to be shown at your own discretion.

Tags Cloud powerful system to allows you to display items by tag or search your item easily with popup toolbar.

Support for linking the item to external links makes the showcase fully functional, as you can show your product images and provide links for demo or details.