Jtag Members Directory

December 24th, 2013

Jtag Members DirectoryJtag member directory extension helps in the management of user profiles with the ability to publish member information in a simple searchable directory. This extension is great for Non-profits, clubs, local chapters or Board member websites.

• Available in these Languages – English,Danish,Croatian,Norwegian,Dutch, German!
• Add , Edit or Delete Members (registered Joomla users)
• Three elegant, attractive views – list view, table view and the strikingly different collage view.
– Use Custom Fields to tweak the extension to suit your needs
• Display of contact details(registered and non-registered) to end users is configurable
• Members can register and edit their details from frontend
• Ability to add social links to member profiles such facebook, twitter
• Displays key information like email, phone number, facebook and twitter pages on the main page
• Mobile friendly view as well
• Gallery feature – Users can add images to the gallery, from front-end and back-end and can be viewed from front-end
• Display of contact details(registered and non-registered) to end users made configurable from backend
• Ability to manage profile picture with automatic thumbnail resizing
• Administrators can configure the order of display on front end
• Import a list of Joomla Members into the directory
• Upload files along with member profiles. Allow other members to download these files too
• Upgrade to newer versions of JTAG Members without having to uninstall, retain your current data