JTAG Ultimate Slider

March 19th, 2013

JTAG Ultimate SliderJTAG Ultimate slider is package of 8 different transitional sliders with corresponding light box transitions for displaying content [pictures, video, in line content]. This is the ultimate pack of sliders and light boxes in one comprehensive package with a single easy-to-use backend


Compatible with Joomla 3.0
Stream Photos from flickr with our new flckr integration
Ability to show pictures, videos, in line content in an elegant slider
Ability to show pictures, videos, in line content in a stylish Pop up Light Box
Light Box or slider auto re-sizes to fit pictures sizes
8 slider and 8 light box transitions [ accordion , dots and transparent arrows, and more ] including a social sharing transition with facebook/twitter share widgets
Display pictures, video , text or products in our easy to customize light box
Easy -to-use admin panel
Auto generate thumbnails from pictures or videos
Ability to auto-play picture gallery
Keyboard short-cut navigation through Picture gallery
Mouse wheel navigation through picture gallery