August 17th, 2013

jTickets – Efficient Help Desk Solution
Make customer support simple & efficient to ensure world class customer satisfaction.

Customer Interface

*Submit new tickets via your site or email
*Attach any file format on ticket or reply
*Obtain detailed information from customers with custom fields
*SPAM prevention
*Rich text formatting
*View and rate staff replies
*E-mail notifications of staff replies
*Receive a copy of your submitted tickets via email
*Ability to set ticket to public to be accessible by public users
*Ability to set ticket to private to be accessible only to Administrator or Support moderator
*Ability to set priority on ticket creation
*Submit Ticket without being registered

Administrator/Support interface

*Unlimited administrators and support assignments
*Unlimited ticket creation
*Unlimited category creation
*Unlimited type creation
*Rich text formatting
*Attach any file format on ticket or reply
*Customer IP Tracking
*Ability to set forum like
*Administrator/Support moderator can manage tickets in the administration panel or frontend
*Ability to stick tickets to appear at the top independently of the order
*Advance ticket search ability
*Define ACL on categories
*Automatic and Manual ticket assignment to a qualified support moderator
*Canned responses (pre-written replies)
*Auto-close tickets after X days
*Auto-notify customers for pending tickets after X days
*Define response time requirements
*E-mail notifications of new tickets and replies
*Customers can easily rate staff replies
*Easy translation into any language
*Advanced Reporting
*Customize email messages
*Create and Assign unlimited custom fields
*Re-assignment of ticket to other qualified support
*Translated in over 41 languages

*jTickets is fully integrated with all Joobi eCommerce application jStore, jMarket, jAuction, jVoucher, jSubscription and many more…

Support is always Free.
*Live-chat support
*Prioritized Ticketing support

Available for 30 day free trial-full featured no limitation.