JTrinityCore Wow Component

April 20th, 2012

Component to build a wow site. With a registration page. Very easy configuration. It works on TrinityCore or derived servers.


Admin Control Panel:
* Manage mulitiple realms
* Integration with TrinityCore or derived databases:
Manage user groups (GM, moderator,…)
* Donations with Paypal API
* Config realmlist
* Donation shop:
– Manage items: add, edit, delete items. Authomatic item info and icon from wowhead.
– Manage powerlevelings
– Manage gold
* Manage categories
* View donations made by users
* View user points
* View user purchases
* A unique Option panel to configure all your settings (Joomla style)
* Multilanguage support for admin and front end: now only English

User site front-end:

* Registration page
* Change password, change mail
* Realmstatus module
* Characters info
* Character teleporter
* Character unstucker
* Get points with PayPal
* Donation Shop:
– Get items (linked with wowhead)
– Get powerleveling
– Get gold
* Multilanguage support
* Forum: you can integrate your Joomla site with phpBB3 or SMF forum using the JFusion component or use a Joomla integrated forum like Kunena.

You can use any of the tons of Joomla modules created by the Joomla Community (shoutbox, last news, last visitors…)