March 11th, 2013

JUblog allows registered users create their blog and a personal page (one profile, like blogspot).

JUblog create all articles in Joomla Content, so all plugins for content works with Jublog.


1. Download JUblog
2. Install it
3. Create two categories in Joomla
3.1 One called “Blogs” for users blogs
3.2 Other called “Personal pages” for users profiles
4. In Joomla Admin > Extensions > JUblog > Options > Choose the categories created for blogs and profiles
5. In user menĂº create the 4 links provided by JUblog: Manage blog, See blog, Edit personal page, See personal page
6. The user, with those links, can create her personal page and add new articles in her blog
7. Now, you can create one link in one public menu to: Articles > Show categories format list > choose the category “Blogs”. The link can be called “Users blogs”
8. Login in front and try the links