June Contact

January 7th, 2013

June ContactJune Contact Module is an AJAX-based Contact Form with Captcha validation. The fields are validated & highlighted accordingly with a smooth effect. The e-mail message is sent via Ajax and a success result is displayed.

* Both JavaScript & PHP Validation
* Powerful CAPTCHA (Image Verification) with refresh feature
* CAPTCHA does not allow multiple solution attempts at one CAPTCHA
* Ability to set various style settings in Backend
* Notification Text after form submittal can be easily changed in Backend
* E-mail address used to receive the messages can be set in Backend.
* The form degrades gracefully into a simple PHP Contact Form if JavaScript is disabled
* Tableless Form (does not use tables)
* “Send me a copy of the mail” feature
* Send mails using PHPMailer
* Free Support (in case you are having trouble installing the module)