July 4th, 2011

Version 2.4: Added Alt tag in thumbnails for SEO purpose

Version 2.3: Added some more parameters

Now it has Joomla 1.6 support (version 2.2)

This module lists the thumbnails and titles of latest youtube uploads of a user. If you want to display your (or your friends) latest upload to your joomla site just install and publish this module and enter your (or your friend’s) youtube user name in module parameter.

Important: Your php host must have cURL enabled

There are other parameters to configure your module.

1. youtube username
2. thumb size
3. number of videos
4. list style (horizontal/vertical)
5. show in lightbox (yes/no)
6. update time/frequency
7. lightbox height and width
8. video height and width for lightbox
9. autoplay control
10. show/hide video title

Copy this module in your joomla module manager to get multiple instance of this module… configure with different username and you’ll get update for multiple user.

To use it inside your article/post use modules anywhere module.