JV Ajax Search

September 30th, 2012

JV Ajax SearchJV AJAX SEARCH For Joomla 2.5 , for more info: You can use it to search contents from site. JV AJAX SEARCH has more options too, you can choose .
* How to use:
Param :
Template Search Options
-Label: button search’s name
-Input Witdh: Indicate button search’s width
-Input default text: Indicate textbox’s default value.
-Show button search: .hide: hide the button search, .show: show the button search
-Button text: button search’s caption
-Search button image: Yes/No

Template Result Option.
-Show title : show/ hide
-Link title : show/ hide
-Show Description: show/ hide
-Show Related : show/ hide
-Show Date : show/ hide
-Show paging : show/ hide
-Record of page: Indicate the number of records to be shown per page.