August 18th, 2013

JV-PostMasterJV-PostMaster (JV-PM) is a social networking Display and Publishing suite for Joomla!, using which you can post updates to one or more of your Twitter, JomSocial and Facebook accounts (profile wall, groups walls and pages walls) and also send notifications to ping services like twingly, weblogs, google etc.. when Joomla! articles are saved or created.

JV-PM also provides modules to display latest tweets from your Twitter and Facebook profile, page and group walls.

You can define your own message for posting. Article title, section name, category name, author name, article link, article meta description and article description are available as pre-defined tags for your custom message! You can even queue articles and post them at later date, which have a publishing date set to future

JV-PM is also compatible with automatic article generation components which create content in joomla from external feeds

JV-PM is compatible with Joomla Articles, K2, EasyBlog and JV-LinkDirectory and will soon be compatible with many other Joomla! components!

Save time and improve your productivity by using JV-PM to instantly tweet and update your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Let the world know when your articles are created. Increase traffic from Twitter and Facebook, with ping services, instant and delayed posting options in JV-PM

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