JW Player Advanced

December 5th, 2013

The official solution featured by Longtail Video to embed JW Player 6.7, The best Responsive HTML5 Player, in Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x.
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JoomlaRuleZ is an official reseller of JW.
Subscription for Commercial website (License/unbranded Player) and non-commercial website (No License/Branded Player)

JW Player Advanced Features
* All flashvars can be set by default using the backend settings or can be override by a specific trigger in a article
* All flashvars of JW Player, even not yet implement in our plugin, can be used

New features: JW Player 6.7, J! 3.2 support, Chapter markers points, fontFamily for captions

Device Support >>
* iOS, Android 2.x to 4.x
* Support for Flash/HTML5 on desktops (auto-detected), HTML5 on devices

Playlists >>
* RSS Link (RSS-Media,SMIL,Youtube SD-HD)
* Support Video/Audio Files (FLV,MP3,AAC,MP4,WEBM,OGG,Youtube SD-HD)
* Multiple Playlist
* Playlist Editor, up to 5 (Plugin:50) items, including description, Title, Captions, HD Quality, Thumbnails in slider, Chapter markers points
* AutoGenerate Playlist, Scan files in a directory and generate a playlist
* JSON Playlist (Field/File)
* Multiple Player with different Playlist on same page

JavaScript API >>
Inline Javascript Functions

Layout >>
Listbar, Controls, Size, Height, Width, Aspectratio (Responsive Player), Displaytitle, Stretching, Logo (Link,position,margin,hide), about(text,link)

Behaviours >>
AutoStart, Repeat, Mute, Fallback, Primary, Stagevideo, Debug

Streaming >>
Apple HLS, RTMP, Flash pseudo-streaming, Live Streaming, Several Server and CDN support (Amazon Cloudfront,Wowza,Adobe Media Server,Akamai…)

Player >>
Cloud-Hosted (CDN) or Self-Hosted Player

Plugins >>
* Social Sharing: Video link/embed code, Shortcuts for posting video link to Facebook, Twitter, Email
* Related Videos: List of related videos (RSS feed), Displayed on complete and/or button click
* HD: Display Multiple qualities sources 720p,1080p
* Captions: Support for multiple caption tracks (file/label) per playlist item (WebVTT,SRT,DFXP)
* Google Analytics: Tracking plays and completes per video
* Adobe SiteCatalyst: Advanced video analytics
* JW Player Analytics: Tracking plays per day across all embeds
* Ads Plugin (ads in your player): VAST/VPAID, Google IMA
* Extra Plugin (Add plugins not yet implement), Multiple plugin on same player

Skin >>
XML Skinning

Extra >>
Add FlashVars not yet implement, Module Class Suffix, Cache Parameters

Pop-Up Player >>
height,width; Override (or not) Player with image, Text or both link; Highslide, Lightbox, Windows

BOTR Dashboard:
Upload, manage and publish: single videos, channels, players
Statistics, Account management

BOTR Backend:
Default Api Key Player
Choose streaming display
Sign url, your content is secure by signing link

Current Version:
Plugin 2.7.0, Module 3.7.0