October 2nd, 2011

A Joomla! system plugin which do more than one thing.
It has the goal to include several features into one plugin instead of having 3-4 installed to do the jobs. For now there are not much features but maybe you want help to bring more in, than just contact me.

– Set a key>value pair to check on backend login

– Ban IP addresses/ranges on backend or frontend site by black- or whitelist, supports ipv4/6
Thx to the cool Joomla! form fields it checks your IP against the black- and whitelists to give you a bit more protection from kicking yourself out.

– Ban Countries by IP on backend or frontend site by black- or whitelist.
Using the GeoLite Country database from – both ipv4/6 are included in binary format.
Both classes how are included to do this 2 jobs can be easily used later in your code (prevent access to content for specific countries for example).
NOTE: Do not set the admin to wl and leave the field for country codes empty or insert a country code you`re not in, this will kick you out from admin and you have to do a manually edit to get in again.

If this extension is misconfigured it may prevent access to your site.

**This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from