K2 BNR Content

November 17th, 2013

K2 BNR ContentK2 is a powerful extension that allows for incredible control of your Joomla content. This module is a modification to the standard K2 content display module. Rather than define the content you want to display in the module, this module pulls the item data from the current item being displayed.

This allows you to expand your layout options since you can now display part of the item content in the main content display area and other bits of content in the module positions. You can even load more than one module per page to deliver highly complex layouts with the content exactly where you want it!

The module supports multiple instance on a single page so putting item content exactly where you want it is no problem. K2 Plugins are triggers so the module can also be used to display the K2Mart buy now box in any module position.

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Upgraded to 3.x

Fixed bug that prevented extra fields from displaying in module position.

Added height and width for video and audio plugins.

Complete rewrite to match new K2 code as of version 2.6.5.

New file to fix corrupted zip file

Updated for Joomla 2.5. Removed related items by tag and depreciated social links.

Added Social Links and Related Items by Tag as display options

Fixed PHP 5.3.x plugin event errors due to variable not being passed by reference

Fixed Undefined property errors
Fixed Undefined variable errors

Fixed issues with module template overrides. You can now put module templates in your templates/[template name]/html/mod_k2bnr_content folder and the module will find the folders properly.