K2 Split Content

November 12th, 2013

K2 Split ContentK2 is an incredibly powerful and flexible extension that allows for stunning control of your Joomla content. This module is based on the standard K2 content display module. Rather than display all items with a categoery/tag, this module displays content that is associated with the currently viewed K2 item.

This means that there is no need to create or modify a K2 template to be able to display item content differently. You can position selected K2 content in a module position rather than in the content area. The module supports multiple instance on a single page which means you can now display selected content wherever you want on the page.

Released: 1st November 2013

– Added: Joomla 3.x compatibility
– Removed: Joomla 1.x compatibility

Released: 20th March 2013

– Fixed: Additional Fields now work with K2 2.63 and above
– Fixed: Author fields now display independently of the Author Name

Released: 10th March 2012

– Added: Author name appears under Avatar
– Added: Author text (Written By” is optional
– Added: Additional Fields title is optional
– Added: Made Additional Field title BOLD
– Fixed: Rename fields in XML for Additional Fields to work (NOTE: You MUST edit and save the module after installing this update for the changes to take effect)

2.0.2 – Bug Fix
Released: 5th March 2012
– Fixed: Wrong linked used in the attachments section

2.0.1 – Bug Fix
Released: 2nd March 2012
– Fixed: Language File support completed
– Added: Joomla 1.5 compatibility
– Added: Ability to hide the “Tags by Related Items” heading

2.0.0 – Initial Release